What would you do with a crystal ball that told you what lurks around the corner? Today's IT leaders must inherit such psychic insight to defend against tomorrow's threats.

On January 27th, meet 3 CIO psychics as they make their predictions live on the CIOonline Predictions Panel.


WED, JAN 27, 2021  | 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM CST

Siva Balu

Vice President & Chief Information Officer at YMCA of the USA

Riaz Yusuff

Chief Information Officer, OHR at University of Minnesota  

Chad Stallings

Global Chief Information Officer at Mérieux NutriSciences 

By Invitation Only

60+ CIOs and IT leaders join the thought provoking audience and engage in our live CIOonline platform.

60 Minutes - A World of Insight 

This 60 minute investment is curated from years of insight and experience from CIOs walking the line of IT Strategies.

by CIOs for CIOs

Uncut predictions from Top Midwest based CIOs make this both vital and close to home. 

Are you a CIO psychic?

CIOs aren't born with this gift, it takes a career on the frontlines of IT Strategies to master the art of predicting an enemy they can't see.

If you've tenured a career leading Information Technology you're already equipped with the roadmap and experience it takes to mitigate tomorrow's threats, so step up and take 1 of 3 seats on the CIOonline Predictions Panel where your crystal ball awaits!

Artificial Intelligence will have a dramatic impact on Employment.

In the future, Cyber-Security will become just as important as military strategy

Aircraft boarding time halved by biometrics

The event was well organized, great group of people, from the panel to keynote speaker and also the other attendees. The topics of discussion was great to understand how others were viewing security issues.
 Jit Patel
NantHealth, Inc.

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40 percent of all technology spending will go toward digital transformations

71% of top-performing CIOs have a separate digital team to help them scale their digitization efforts


Six in 10 enterprise executives believe IoT technology will play an important role in their organization’s digital business strategy.

6 in 10

$190  Billion

The AI market will grow to a $190 billion industry by 2025, according to research firm Markets and Markets

1 Moderator, 3 CIOs, 3 Game Changing Predictions 

The game of the CIO has become very predictive and over the years our CIO panelists have steered thousands on the road to mitigation over recovery. Led by Joseph Wolfgram, former VP and CTO of Mission Health, we'll dive into this uncut reality of where we're at and where we're heading.



A 60 minute investigative panel discussion moderated by Joseph Wolfgram, former VP and CTO of Mission Health



3 Midwest based CIOs unfold years of insight on our panel to lead this conversation. This is their map to enterprise innovation.



CIOs are psychics that must predict tomorrow's challenges. They have their crystal balls and we'll hear what they see!



Our audience of 60 Top CIOs and IT leaders will vote on predictions crowning 1 CIO the Midwest #ITpsychic 

Meet Los Angeles's CIO Psychics

These CIOs weren't born with this gift, it took a career on the frontlines of digital defense to master the art of predicting an enemy they can't see. Let's see which prediction crown one the CIOonline Los Angeles #ITpsychic.

Matthew Hall

CIO/AVC, UC Santa Barbara

John Barrow

Corporate Senior Vice President, CIO, Builders FirstSource

Ron Torten

CIO and Senior Vice President of WW Operations, Inphi Corporation

Sandeep Chawla

Vice President, IT Planning and Governance, 99 Cents Only Stores

Meet our Celebrated CIO Psychics

Our brilliant former panelists weren't born with this gift. It took years of industry experience learning to predict the future of IT Strategies. But after sharing their insights, these panelists were found to experts among experts, worthy of the title #ITpsychic